Itadori paper samples

Itadori paper samples


set of 7 sample hand made papers, approximately 3.5"x3.25" each.


  1. itadori,138gsm, hand dispersed pulp
  2. itadori,121gsm, blender dispersed pulp
  3. itadori,183gsm, blender dispersed pulp
  4. 90% itadori mixed with 10% eulalia,138gsm, blender dispersed pulp
  5. 90% itadori mixed with 10% recycled cotton blotter, 152gsm, blender dispersed pulp
  6. 80% itadori mixed with 20% recycled cotton blotter, 170gsm, blender dispersed pulp
  7. eulalia, 131gsm,blender dispersed pulp

eulalia pulp used is available in this shop.

recycled cotton blotter is included for comparison.

all samples are waterleaf; no size or formation aid was used. That said, the recycled cotton blotters had various additives, no doubt.

all samples made with blender dispersed pulp, except the sample labeled "hand dispersed pulp".