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About Donna Lilborn

A horticulturist turned landscape architect whose hobby has become an enterprise, Donna knows her plants. They have become even further revealed to her as she enjoys the magic of extracting their fiber and forming it into a new and revered substance: paper.

Our History


This nascent enterprise builds on the history of the very street and neighborhood it was formed in: Paperville.


White Leaf was begun as a hobby, but is now connecting with the community of artists and small press printers who crave beautiful paper. The neighborhood it exists in was once a vibrant producer of paper, and now it is again.



Our Expertise


Donna Lilborn learned to make paper from one of the region's foremost papermakers: Sheryl Jaffe.

A distinguished artist and teacher, Sheryl taught Donna in her studio in Ludlow, MA, and gave her the foundation for creating White Leaf. Since then, Donna has applied her training and experience as a scientist, plantswoman and designer to the creation of desirable paper pulps and artful papers and small booklets.




Our Commitment


I will work with you to create the paper you want.

I am eager to hear about the paper you want for your art, printing, or correspondence. Together, we can tinker with the endless variables of the paper I can produce, to get just the right characteristics.

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