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Experience the Pleasure of Artisanal Paper



Each sheet of paper has
a personality of its own.

White Leaf papers can be used anywhere.

Write a love note. Cover your company's report.

Send a card. Make art. Print a limited edition book,

or add end papers to a production book.

This paper speaks volumes.

paper selection.jpg

recent artist papers

Cream on white 8-1/2 x 11"
Corn 4.25X10"
Eulalia figure/siberian iris 4x10"
Corn, siberian iris, daylily 4x10"
Siberian iris 8.5x11"
daylily 4.25x10"
iris, eulalia& corn 30x36 and 15x60
Eulalia &daylily 8.5x11 v.thin
eulalia on daylily&corn 4x10"
detail of 15x60" sheet
large deckle edge on large sheet
eulalia, iris and corn 4x10"
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